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Your Trusted Pittsburgh Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts!

If you're looking for professional area rug cleaning services in Pittsburgh, look no further than FloorPros of Western PA. Our experienced team specializes in deep cleaning and restoring area and oriental rugs to their original beauty. With exceptional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure thorough removal of dirt, stains, and allergens, providing a fresh and healthy environment for your home or office. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and make your area rugs look as good as new.

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Each member of our team is put through rigorous and continuous training to ensure that they are offering you the highest quality of 'clean'.

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Rugs that are 'soaked' by other cleaning methods can unload moisture into your home's airspace giving germs and microbes chance to grow.

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Stale-Odor Removal Services

We are the region's leading service for home and business odor removal. We know how to eliminate odors from your home's carpets.

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Our cleaning and protection products employ numerous ingredients that are naturally antimicrobial and help to reduce allergens in your home.

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A Healthier Home for Your Family

Our core objective is to clean for health, to deliver to you floors that are both more appealing to the eye, but also healthier for your family.

Transforming Your Area Rugs to Their Pristine State

Oriental rugs are different from other types of carpeting in several ways.

Firstly, oriental rugs are typically handcrafted and made using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations, while other carpets may be machine-made or made using synthetic materials.

Secondly, oriental rugs are known for their intricate designs and patterns, often featuring floral or geometric motifs that are unique to the region from which they originate.

Thirdly, oriental rugs are made from natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton, which give them a unique texture and appearance that cannot be replicated with synthetic materials. Finally, oriental rugs are often considered works of art, with some examples dating back hundreds of years and being highly sought after by collectors around the world. Overall, oriental rugs are a special type of carpeting that stand out for their superb craftsmanship, stunning designs, and unique cultural significance. We take the handling and cleaning of your oriental rugs seriously.

Cleaning wool or silk rugs can be a complicated process that requires delicate handling to avoid damaging the fabric. Our cleaning process often involves several steps, including an initial inspection to determine the rug's condition and the appropriate cleaning method. The rug is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove loose dirt and dust. Any stains or spots are pre-treated with specialized products, and then the rug is washed with gentle detergents using cold water. Your rug is then rinsed thoroughly to remove all cleaning residue and dried completely. Finally, your oriental rug is groomed to restore its natural texture and appearance before being returned to its owner. We have invested in specialized equipment, making us a recommended choice for maintaining the quality and longevity of the rug.

What Types of Carpets & Area Rugs Do We Clean?

FloorPros of Western PA offers carpet cleaning services for nearly every type of carpet fiber. We can handle both high traffic wall to wall carpeting as well as the most delicate of decorative carpets in sensitive materials. Here is a list of the carpet fiber materials we are well experienced in cleaning:

  • Cut Loop Carpet
  • Loop Pile Carpet
  • Polyester Carpet Fibers
  • Nylon Carpet Fibers
  • Cotton Carpet Fibers
  • Olefin Carpet Fibers
  • Acrylic Carpet Fibers
  • Wool Carpet Fibers
  • Shag Carpet Fibers
  • Plush Pile Carpets
  • Berber Carpets
  • Saxony Carpet Fibers
  • Textured Cut Pile Carpets
  • Frieze Carpets
  • Cable Carpets
  • Wool Orientals
  • Silk Orientals
  • Cotton Orientals

To put it simply, FloorPros of Western PA can clean virtually any carpet materials that will be installed in a home or business.

Using State-of-the-Art Methods to Clean & Protect Your Area & Oriental Rugs

West PA FloorPros is a leading professional cleaning company that utilizes state-of-the-art methods to clean precious area and oriental rugs. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, they understand the intricacies and delicacies of these valuable rugs, and employ modern techniques to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process.

One of the innovative methods utilized by West PA FloorPros is steam cleaning. This technique involves the use of high-temperature steam to penetrate the fibers of the rug and remove dirt, stains, and allergens. Steam cleaning is highly effective in deep cleaning these rugs, as it not only lifts the dirt particles but also kills bacteria and dust mites that may be present. Moreover, this method does not involve the use of harsh chemicals or excessive water, ensuring the preservation of the rug's natural beauty and integrity.

Another advanced technique employed by West PA FloorPros is dry cleaning. This method is particularly well-suited for delicate and precious rugs that may be susceptible to damage from excessive moisture. Dry cleaning involves the use of special solvents that dissolve and lift dirt and stains from the rug fibers, without the need for water. This gentle cleaning process ensures minimal risk of color bleeding or shrinkage that could ruin the rug's appearance.

Additionally, West PA FloorPros uses cutting-edge equipment and tools to enhance their cleaning process. They employ high-powered vacuums specifically designed for rug cleaning, which effectively removes loose dirt and debris from the surface and deep within the rug. These vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, ensuring the elimination of allergens and pollutants, making the rugs a healthier environment for households.

Moreover, West PA FloorPros recognizes the importance of customization when it comes to rug cleaning. They understand that each rug is unique and requires specialized care. As such, they offer personalized cleaning services tailored to the specific needs of different rugs. By partnering with knowledgeable and skilled technicians, they are able to identify the materials, dye types, and construction methods of each rug, allowing for a customized cleaning process that delivers the best results while preserving its value and beauty.

Finally, West PA FloorPros utilizes state-of-the-art methods to clean precious area and oriental rugs. From steam cleaning to dry cleaning and with the use of modern equipment and customization, they ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process while preserving the integrity and beauty of these valuable rugs. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, West PA FloorPros is a trusted choice for rug cleaning in the region.

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