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Happy To Show Off Our Handiwork!

A Dirty Chair in Upper St. Clair

A dining room chair, badly stained with ground-in food
An upholstered dining room chair, after cleaning by the FloorPros

These chair were subjected to years of kids. Need we say more? We've all seen it, dirty hands, finger painting and soiled shoes can make a mess.

So, they called in the Pros!

The FloorPros of Western PA

Traffic Lanes in Franklin Park, PA

A residential plush carpet with noticeable traffic lanes
A residential plush carpet after cleaning by the FloorPros of West PA

Traffic lanes aren't always on city streets, sometimes they can appear in carpets from months of passing through a room, especially if this room falls between the front door for a teenage boy and the refrigerator!

Call The FloorPros of Western PA for your soiled carpets.

Heavy Soil Traffic Lanes Eliminated!

A furniture store with badly soiled carpet
Embedded soil of traffic lane removed

A Levin Furniture Store had badly embedded soil and needed it removed.

So, they called in the Pros!

The FloorPros of Western PA

No Food in the Showroom!

Spills and stains in carpet
Spills and stains are gone!

Levin Furniture trusts us to clean their 30 stores after spills and stains, too.

So, they called in the Pros!

The FloorPros of Western PA

Gordon food service logo

As you can imagine with a company as large as Gordon Food Service, and all of the food preparation demonstration and instruction events, the floor in this presentation hall can get quite dirty. When it does, GFS relies on the FloorPros to get it clean!

This Gordon Food Service is located in Imperial, PA and serviced regularly by...

The FloorPros of Western PA

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