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Now in a second generation, the FloorPros are providing a broader selection of floor cleaning and refinishing services throughout Western Pennsylvania. Call for a Free Estimate or Schedule an Appointment Today. You're satisfaction is guaranteed.

Welcome to FloorPros of Western Pennsylvania

Floorcare Services That Promotes A Healthier Home & Safer Workplace

What make FloorPros of Western PA different is a steadfast commitment to ensuring that you are happy with our results not just on first appearance and impression, but also one you are back to living within the spaces we have cleaned and upon the floors we cleaned or reconditioned. Whenever possible, we will ensure that your home will not be left with the haze of hazardous VOC's from traditional industrial cleaning products, and that no unnecessary fragrances will be left to mask odors we couldn't remove during cleaning. We understand that many children and adults must live with allergies and we will do our utmost to not exacerbate them.

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And when you call FloorPros of Western PA in to tackle your commercial tile, concrete or other floor cleaning and reconditioning job, we will demonstrate that the floors you entrust to us are better prepared to help prevent slip and fall accidents when we are done, than they were before we began your project.

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Our Home & Business Floor Cleaning Services

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Keeping carpets clean plays a pivotal role in the control of allergens and bacteria that can embed themselves within the millions of carpet fibers.

Upholstery Cleaning & Sanitizing

An inviting home will always have clean seating, stains are removed, pet dander is eliminated and the material feels fresh to the touch.

VCT & Luxury
Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl flooring lends a lasting beauty to a home like nothing else is able. However, the material sometimes needs a professional's touch.

Ceramic Tile & Grout

When installed and sealed as intended, glazed tiles and sealed grout can be a thing of beauty, but when it needs restoration, call the FloorPros!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Ah, the beauty of natural wood floor! But the maintenance, you say. Not a problem when you have the FloorPros in your corner!

Our Remedies for Your Floor Care Issues

Pet Urine Stain & Odor

No one takes on a kitten or puppy without knowing the risk of pet urine accidents. They happen. So when you need help call The FloorPros!

Smoker's Soot on Carpets

Real Estate and Property Managers have come to trust The FloorPros to eliminate the soot, stain and odor of smoking from every surface.

Embedded Stain Issues

Mistakes are often made when dealing with various grouted floor surfaces - most often in the choice of a sealer, which let's in soil & stains.

Traffic Pattern Soiling Issues

Traffic patterns in carpet have less to do with the soiled shoes and more to do with a detergent residue left behind from an earlier cleaning.

Slip & Fall Risk Reduction

Nothing can hurt a business more than even the threat of a lawsuit. Slip and Fall Accidents can cost $20-$40K to settle so let's be prepared.

Good Carpet Care is Essential to Home Health

Good carpet care is essential to occupant health for several reasons. Firstly, carpets can act as a reservoir for allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne particles. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning can help remove these allergens, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies among occupants. [continue reading on carpet care]

Clean Retail Floors Make Important First Impressions

Clean retail floors play a pivotal role in creating a positive first impression of a business. When a client walks into a store, the first thing they notice is the cleanliness and overall appearance of the space. A clean retail floor portrays an image of professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to providing a pleasant shopping experience. [continue reading]

Reducing Allergen Impact Through Pro Floor Services

As your local FloorPros affiliate, we recognize that whether it's in commercial or residential settings, floors can easily accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, and unpleasant odors over time. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment. But sometimes you need a deep cleaning and a fresh look. [continue reading]

Meet The Experts in Floor Care...

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Young Brothers with Loads of Experience...

Sam Henzler of FloorPros of Western PA

Brother Sam has worked in the floorcare industry since 2013, after taking a degree in Art & Graphic Design, so you can be assured that he has a keen eye for making floors a thing of beauty! Having realized that he enjoyed the company of people more than computer screens, he decided many years ago to follow others in his family into this client-satisfaction business.

When he is not working, Sam enjoys playing his guitar, hiking skiing and spending time with Max and their friend, Tyler.

Brother Max has worked in the floorcare industry since 2016, after going to college and serving in the Army National Guard. His real passion is physical fitness and he spends many of his off hours helping others as a Personal Trainer.

He also is a spectacular drummer, an avid and well-traveled skier, and enjoys mountain biking, hiking and camping.

Like his brother, Max is a workman proud of his craft and dedicated to delivering top quality service to their customers.

Our Latest Customer Testimonials

More Online Testimonials About Their Workmanship...


2nd year in a row I’ve used these guys. Max was my tech each time and he’s great. Very personable, professional and does very detailed and excellent work.

Chris Hall

Carpet Cleaning Customer


I have used this company for years and am always satisfied with their work. Sam came today to clean my carpets and he is professional and personable.

He was very careful when moving furniture and he checked to make sure he didn't miss anything. My house has been brightened up by Sam and his service.

Ann Ridley

Carpet Cleaning Customer

Service Quality

My messy kids are always spilling juice on my white carpets. There were so many stains that built up because I don’t have the time or energy to clean every time they spill something. I was very impressed with this carpet cleaning service, they got every stain out completely and quickly, even though they had been there for months!! Thanks again

Lisa Brummett

Carpet Cleaning Customer


This is the second time I have used then and the second time Sam has cleaned our home. The results are great. We have 2 large dogs and off-white carpet. They look new again. Sam is knowledgeable and super friendly. We will definitely use then again and again!

Colleen Kelly

Carpet Cleaning Customer


The family team was great! Sam was friendly and very thorough, explaining every step. They were very accommodating when I wanted extra carpets cleaned. I highly recommend!

Lauren Beam

Carpet Cleaning Customer


Our carpet and area rugs hadn’t been cleaned in an embarrassingly long time and we are above and beyond pleased with the job they did! The service was great and the job promptly scheduled and completed.

Thank you, Max & Jeff

Mary Easley

Carpet Cleaning Customer

Issue Resolved

Thank you Sam for doing such a wonderful job on our carpet. We never thought our paint spill stain would ever come out. Great job! Even our cat accidents are no longer visible. Our carpet looks as new as the day we had it installed. We’ll be calling you again soon.

Jeff Kammersell

Carpet Cleaning Customer


Sam arrived on time and did a very thorough job measuring my three bedrooms and hallway. He was extremely knowledgeable and polite, answering all of my questions. I had some pet stains in one of the rooms and Sam got all of the stains out 100%! My carpets look brand new.

Theresa Sullivan

Carpet Cleaning Customer

What Sets Us Apart in Western PA...

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As a member of the FloorPros community, we have lost no identity as a neighbor serving our neighbors. We are each independent owner-operators.


The fact that we are part of a wider community means that we can call upon the accumulated expertise of others and each share of our expertise.


No one comes into the FloorPros affiliation without an already established history in the industry. We share our experiences and marketing.


Our success is dependent upon your satisfaction. We know that you expect us to be prompt, dependable, sensitive to your family and home environment.


We may not be the cheapest of your options for local service providers, but through efficiency we will always make every effort to deliver true value.


Should at any point you not be satisfied with our services, we will make every effort to remedy the situation and act honorably towards your expectations.

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We service the cities and towns in and around: Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Wexford, Gibsonia, Moon Township, Upper Saint Clair, Mt. Lebanon, Fox Chapel, Bethel Park, and Bridgeville.

Our Hours of Operation are: Monday through Friday -

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday -

8:00 am to 12:00 noon



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