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Our Latest Customer Testimonials

Terrific Carpet Cleaning!
We had our carpets cleaned last Friday by Max. I can’t even tell you that they look brand new! That’s saying a lot for as old and dirty as they were. Please thank Max for the terrific job! Cynthia P, South Park Township, PA
Great Carpet Cleaning!
Max did a great job!
Great Service!
Max was great! Very friendly, professional and did a fantastic job. 10/10.
Best carpet cleaning ever!!
Wow!! The rugs look amazing! Sam did an excellent job cleaning the rugs and sofa. He is also very polite and enjoyable to talk with. I will definitely have them back again! Thank you!
Exceptional service!
Very satisfied with our area rug & carpet cleaning by Sam! Honest business owners who do honest work. I will definitely use them again!
Always 5-STAR Service!
Max is efficient and professional as always. Have been brining these guys out for the last 3 years to do an annual cleaning. I have two very large hairy dogs and he always does a great job getting everything cleaned up and looking great.

FAQ: Carpet & Upholstery

What kind of chemicals are used to clean our carpets & upholstery?

At FloorPros of Western PA, we strive to use the safest methods and products possible to get your floors cleaned, sanitized and protected. In almost every case our cleaners, sanitizers and protection products contain NO HAZARDOUS ingredients and leave no lingering VOC's in the air as they dry.

What makes Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Superior to Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning methods use exceptionally high water temperatures - which have been known to break down water-based adhesives used with carpets; steam cleaning equipment uses exceptionally high pressure jets - which will drive dirt and organic matter deeper into and through the carpet backing and potentially do damage to your carpet stitching and your carpets will take significantly longer to dry, which provides more time for your carpets to develop a musty odor and even develop mold spores. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning uses state-of-the-art chemical and mechanical action to dislodge soil and bio-burden, lifting it from the carpets and into the absorbent bonnet.

What carpet cleaning method best reduces soil and stain bleeding?

The answer to this is simple. Re-soiling and stain bleeding is most commonly the result of detergent residue left in the region around the stain or spill on the carpet. Copious amounts of detergent was applied and not properly extracted, the residual detergent then attracts soil. Detergent residue can be reduced by a subsequent cleaning with our rinse agent, and then clean water.

What does an average carpet cleaning cost?

In most cases, we can clean, sanitize and protect your carpets for under $0.70/square foot. This would make the cost for this triple-pro service in an average room around $100.00-$140.00.

What can be done to remove the odor of pet urine from our carpets?

Pet urine can be tricky, but we know its number! If the urine is fairly fresh, we will use a blend of five digestive enzymes to break down the components of the urine so it can be flushed away. If the urine odor is old and decidedly from the bacteria that is feasting on the residual salts and other organic matter, then we will use a solution that includes chlorine dioxide.

What can be done to remove a musty odor from our carpets?

The very best means of reducing musty odors in a room is to reduce the level of humidity. If you have means of measuring relative humidity, the healthiest levels are between 40-60%. However, to speed up the process, and reducing the potential for mold spore development, we can use chlorine dioxide in our cleaning solution.

What can be done to remove tobacco smoke residue and odor from our carpets?

Smoke odor is from the soot of carbonized organic matter. Soot from a fire is very different from soot from a smoker; but in every case the best means of removal is to separate the proteins from the carbon and emulsify with a quality detergent. This is very difficult to do without professional equipment, so if you need assistance, call the FloorPros!

What do I need to prepare before you arrive to clean my carpets?

When cleaning day arrives, please know that we can only clean under what can be moved, and to reduce cost, it helps to move out of the room everything that you can that is sitting on the carpet. Make sure that your pets are not able to enter the space in which we are working and a vacuuming on your part helps to keep your final cost for the job as low as possible.

How long will it take for our carpets & upholstery to dry?

Drying of carpets and upholstery is completely dependent upon relative humidity, so it hard to give a firm answer, but with our method of cleaning, and good air circulation afterwards, most carpets are dry in about an hour.

What products do you use to sanitize our carpets & upholstery?

To ensure the lowest possible VOC's and no chance of a sticky residue, we use a fine mist of aqueous chlorine dioxide to sanitize your carpets, which will also help to eliminate odors and reduce airborne allergens in the room.

What products do you use to protect our carpets & upholstery?

To protect your carpets and fabrics, we employ an all-natural biostatic protectant that adds stain and wetting protection. This material is non-allergenic, fast drying and long lasting. It is completely safe for children, pets and your entire family.

FAQ: Vinyl Composite & Luxury Vinyl Tile

How can I tell if the tile on our floor is asbestos?

The easiest means of telling what type of resilient tile you have is to measure them. Vinyl Composite Tiles have generally been manufactured in a uniform size, 12" x 12". Asphalt tiles (now quite rare) and Asbestos tiles (becoming rare) were 9" x 9". Asphalt tiles were more often made with deep, dark colors of red, gray, green and black. Asbestos tiles were generally lighter in color and known to be so brittle that they would often chip in the corners.

Is there anything that can be done for a tile floor that is worn through the color?

A tile floor that has such deep traffic lanes or chair-wear as to abrade down to the concrete is usually considered 'shot', 'finish' 'kaput'. You can, in a pinch, coat a floor like this with a tinted sealer that will create a solid color under the final finish coat. This will not, however, change the wear patterns that caused the problem in the first place and it is likely that you will need to add chair pads and entry matting in any event... and probably replace the tile.

What makes your low-moisture system for VCT & LVT better than traditional methods?

Whenever possible, we will use a low-moisture, dust-free stripping and prepping method that helps reduce the time on the job site for us and the cost passed on to you for the material and labor.

When must a floor be stripped, and when can it be scrubbed and re-coated?

VCT floor tiles, where the soil and stains have passed through the finish and into the tile MUST be stripped, otherwise, it is perfectly possible to restore a floor without removing all existing layers of finish.

What does it cost to have a tile floor refinished?

This will entirely depend upon the degree of damage to the floor material, the size of the job and the desired number of replacement coats. To answer this question, we can only offer a broad range (of $0.50 - $1.00/sf) and the offer of a free estimate for floors of over 750 sf.

What is the difference between VCT & LVT?

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is truly a 'slight of hand' product! It is better described as a Vinyl-Clay Tile with up to 70% of the tile being clay. The vinyl is the material that gives it color, the clay provides resiliency and sealer-finish adhesion. These tiles are usually at least 3/16" thick and only moderately conture-able to the below substrate. Luxury Vinyl Tile is usually larger than 12" x 12" (18" x 18", 24" x 24" or rectangular) and of a thinner, more flexible, conformable material.

How long does it take to refinish a VCT floor?

This again depends upon a number of factors, especially drying-time, but can take as long as 4 hours for every 1000 sf. .

Are the chemicals used to refinish a VCT floor hazardous?

When we are able to use a dry-strip or low-moisture stripping method, there are no VOC's and no hazardous products used. Even our emulsifying stripper is not considered hazardous, but it can make for a very slippery surface depending on the amount of finish we are removing.

How can I remove scratches from my Luxury Vinyl Tile floor?

This can be a very difficult problem, but we have ways of reducing the appearance of scuffs and scratches even in LVT materials.

Can LVT flooring be stripped and refinished?

It is NOT recommended that you ever strip and refinish an LVT floor, in fact, many manufactures will void your warranty if you ever introduce harsh chemicals to your LVT floor. However, if a floor is badly worn and old, a virtually dry prep and application of a low-solids sealer will make such a floor look brand new!

FAQ: Stone & Ceramic Tile & Grout Floors

Why do my grouted tile floors get so dirty?

The grout used between ceramic or other stone tile types can be of any number of formulation, but the grouted floors that tend to soil the fastest are a mortar-like product make of mineral. Epoxy-based grout is far more stain resistant, and take heart, we can help make any grout more stain-resistant.

What can be done to get my grout lines clean again?

Grout between tiles on your floor can certainly be cleaned and even bleached (no recommended), and it is not a job for the person without good equipment. Hiring a professional, a FloorPros affiliate, will make life easier for you.

When should ceramic tile or stone floors be sealed?

Whenever you need additional assistance with protecting grout or tile from soil or stain, a sealer will close off open pores and protect porous materials.

How can I get odor out of my grout lines?

The presence of odor is the presence of a problem. The odor indicates that there is trapped organic matter within the pores of the of the grout and bacteria is present - converting food into a smelly gas.

What does it cost to have a tile floor refinished?

The range for cleaning and sealing grouted tile floors is from $0.50 - $1.00/sf.

What protection can you put on my grouted stone and tile floors?

The FloorPros have a variety of options for sealing your grout, biostatic, acrylic and urethane.

FAQ: Natural Wood Floor Questions

How can I tell if my floors are solid, natural wood?

Manufactured wood floors can often be totally indistinguishable from natural wood. This has long been the case with wood parquet flooring that is really a thin plywood with a manufacturer-applied finish. The only guaranteed means of ensuring that you have a solid wood floor is to find a location where the end-grain is exposed, like where a heat register or cold-air return has been cut through the floor.

When can a floor be screened and re-coated, and when must it be re-sanded?

Wood floors can more often than not be restored and refinished using our dustless, dry-sand, non-invasive method rather than with heavy drum sanders that removes up to an 1/8" of your total wood thickness. This can save a great deal of time and money, and allow you to have a beautify new floor in just a day or two.

What must we do to prepare for a restoration of our wood floors?

The refinishing of wood floors, while 'dustless', can still be a messy job. All furniture, carpets, plants and sometimes curtains should be removed ahead of our arrival. We will do our very best to ensure that there is the least possible disturbance to the rest of your living area.

What does it cost to have our wood floors refinished?

The reconditioning of coated wood floors can be as little as $1.00/sf and more depending on your interest in adding stains, alternative coatings and the original condition of the floor.

Is there an advantage to staining our wood floors?

The application of a stain can often be the only method of hiding water and other stains that have penetrated deep into the wood fibers. The end result is that you have a deep, rich color that is under your protective top-coat.

Is there a reason to choose satin or semi-gloss over gloss finish and visa-versa?

Satin and semigloss floor finishes are often preferred in homes, especially when there are kids and pets that may distress the floor surface.

Is there a reason to choose oil-modified finishes over water-based, and visa-versa?

While water-based finishes and urethanes have come a long way in development of a durable, protective coating, oil-modified floor finishes have still proven to be the longer-lasting means of coating floors.

FAQ: Other Types of Floors & General Subject Questions

We have a fitness floor that looks dull and dirty, can you help us?

Yes, we have an excellent means of cleaning and restoring lustre and beauty to fitness flooring.

We have a rubber safety tread on our stairs that is worn and dirty, what can we do?

This material can be easily discolored by sunlight, but a deep cleaning and penetrating sealer can do wonders to making it appear almost new again.

Can area or oriental rugs be cleaned in our home, or do they need to be removed to be cleaned?

Oriental and area rugs can be cleaned right within your home, and do not need to be removed to our location to clean them.

Should we be concerned about chemical fumes when you are done with our floors?

It is rare that we will ask you to endure a lingering odor when our work is done, but sometimes the odor of OMU coatings can last for up to a week.

Can we be in our home while you work on our floors?

This will completely depend upon what you are comfortable with in regards to noise and mild odors.

Can carpets be saved after a flood or fire?

Unfortunately, it is rare that carpets can be saved after a flood or fire, there is damage, soot, smoke and mold potentials under the material that must be dealt with professionally.

Additional Archived Testimonials

Great Job!
Great Rating!

Best guy Sam and great job!! Such a great guy and great job!

  • Lou Petrucci, 8/4/2023
Friendly, Respectful and Polite...
Great Rating!

Friendly, respectful and polite. Max did a great job with our carpets. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Julia Costanza, 7/24/2023
Another Great Carpet Cleaning!
Great Rating!

Another great carpet cleaning by the FloorPros. Super helpful and friendly. My carpets look brand new!!!

  • Sandi Quinn, 7/19/2023
Passing Out Your Name...
Great Rating!

I will pass your name on to friends & family! Thank you !

  • Peggy Donley, 7/19/2023
Sam did A Great Job!
Great Rating!

Sam did a great job! He arrived on time, was friendly, and my couch looks great! I highly recommend the FloorPros.

  • Dominique Stoll, 6/30/2023
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