VCT Floor Restoration Services in the Pittsburgh, PA Area

Strip, Scrub or Clean & Burnish your Residential Vinyl Composite or Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

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Fast, Clean and Chemical-Free!

Complete Vinyl Tile Floor Restoration Services for Pittsburgh, PA

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Certified Cleaning Professionals

Each member of our team is put through rigorous and continuous training to ensure that they are offering you the highest quality of 'clean'.

Your Floors are Ready Faster

Through careful examination of your floors, we can help to determine the right care plan for your floors that reduces labor and cost.

Healthier home
A Healthier Home for Your Family

Our core objective is to clean for health, so we do all we can to limit VOC emissions and chemical odors from the work we do on your floors.

We Monitor Home Humidity

Many people want floor services completed in the Summer, the most humid days of the year. We know how to protect from mildew.

Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Allergen

Our cleaning and protection products employ numerous ingredients that are naturally antimicrobial and help to reduce allergens in your home.

Chemical Free Stripping of Your Vinyl Tile Floor

Chemically removing old and worn out floor finish should always be a last resort. Whenever possible, we will use a method of old finish removal that is dry and nearly dustless. This is best choice for everyone.

Stripping floors with caustic stripping compounds risks the removal of vibrant colors from your floor tiles, doing damage to your tiles adhesive and putting VOC's in your home that may irritate your family's nasal passages.

Using a chemical-free stripping method saves time, materials and generally adds less humidity to your home's environment. Our machines will usually remove 1 to 2 coats with each pass and work equally well on coated vinyl composite tile or sealed and finished wood. We use an abrasive floor pad that is made of recycled material and any dust created in the process is quickly collected by the on-board vacuum. Just a few passes over each inch of your floor, a quick rinse and we will be ready to re-coat - getting you back into your space in about 25% of the time when compared to conventional stripping methods.

Once the floor is prepped, vacuumed and rinsed, we will then add your desired sheen and type of finish.

Luxury Vinyl is popular in homes

The Well-Deserved Rising Popularity of LVT in Homes

We recognize that Luxury Vinyl Tile claims to be 'maintenance free'...

...but to put is simple, that just isn't true. Traffic patterns will eventually develop, the material is not impervious to odor, and at some point, the areas of wear will be noticeable and actionable.

When your floor has developed embedded soils or embedded odors, we know exactly what to do to extract the dirt and eliminate the odors from your floor. When wear or traffic patterns have begun to show, we know how to restore and protect your floor so that it look and acts like new. We may even be able to address scratches and other blemishes that may have developed from moving furniture, running dogs or an item hurled by a 2-year old with a great arm, only to crash heavily on the floor.

One way or another, FloorPros of Western PA has the solution for your vinyl tile floor nightmare so that you don't have to once consider replacing the entire floor! Give us a call and schedule an appointment to look it over and consider your maintenance or repair options.

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