How We Help You Protect Against Slip & Fall Accidents

How We Help You Protect Against Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injuries in various environments, including commercial establishments, offices, healthcare facilities, and public spaces. These accidents can result in severe injuries ranging from minor bruises to fractures, head trauma, and even long-term disabilities.

Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents is Our Top Priority

People often get hurt in places like stores, offices, and public areas because they slip and fall. From minor bruises to severe fractures, these accidents can have serious consequences. That’s why partnering with FloorPros of Western PA can make a significant difference. We'll discuss how our floor care services make places safer. So, people don't slip and fall as much in different spots.

Thorough Floor Cleaning:

At FloorPros of Western PA, we're good at cleaning floors! We have the right tools and know how to clean floors. We can help you make a plan to clean your floors regularly. This removes things like dirt and spills, making the floor less slippery. When we clean, we use special methods like hot water cleaning to remove all the dirt. This keeps the floor clean and safe for you to walk on.

a person is cleaning the floor with brush

Proper Floor Maintenance:

We're good at cleaning floors like carpets, hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tiles. We understand that each kind of floor needs specific care. Don't worry; we have the right tools and methods to fix them! We make sure to clean the floors in a way that doesn't harm them. Our team understands that regular care is essential. We use methods like buffing and stripping to clean the floor. It might sound fancy, but it's just a way to make the floor clean.

By doing this, we remove any slippery stuff from the floor and make it less likely for people to slip and fall. So, you can walk on it safely! So, when we're on the job, you can be confident that your floors are in good hands, staying safe and slip-free.

Slip-Resistant Treatments:

We make floors safer in wet places like entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms. We use a special method to do that! We apply special coatings or treatments on the floor, making them less slippery. These treatments change the surface of the floor so that it's easier to walk on without slipping. It's like putting a magic shield on the floor to keep you from falling. We make sure these places are safer for everyone by doing this. This reduces the chance of slipping and falling. You can walk confidently, knowing our special treatments make the floors extra safe.

A man slips and fall on the floor

Adequate Signage:

When we work in your place, we put up signs to show everyone where it's slippery or uneven. These signs are like little reminders to be careful. They can show if the floor is wet or if there's some work going on. These signs help people know what to watch out for, so they don't slip and fall. When businesses work with us, we make sure these signs are in the right places and always in good condition. This helps keep everyone safe and aware. So, with our help, your place can be a lot safer and accidents can occur.

caution of wet floor

Inspection and Repairs:

We, at FloorPros of Western PA, make sure to analyze your floors. We check if any tiles are loose, if carpet is damaged, or if surfaces are not even. If we find something wrong, we fix it right away. For example, if a tile is loose, we make it tight again, or if a carpet is torn, we repair it. By doing this, we stop accidents from happening. Imagine if you're walking, and suddenly there's a loose tile.

You might trip and fall! But with our inspections, we make sure everything is safe and in good shape. It's like making sure all the pieces of a puzzle fit perfectly, so you can walk around without any worries.

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