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Clean Like the Pros, With Tips & Hints from The FloorPros!

Whether you have hard floors or carpeted floors, pets or kids, soils and spills always seem to work their way to the floor. Sometimes you can tend to the situation yourself and sometimes you need the assistance of a professional, but always it helps to have a friend that's a PRO, a FloorPro!

professional cleaning of grouted tiles
How We Get Grouted Tile Cleaner & More Sanitary
Grout may seem like a small detail, but its cleanliness can significantly impact the health and well-being of your family or customers. In homes and businesses, grout accumulates dirt, bacteria, and allergens over time, becoming a breeding ground for health issues. Common problems include mold growth, respiratory irritations, allergies, and sometimes even more severe conditions.
Magnets that Attract and Repel
How to Naturally Defend Surfaces Against Germs
Welcome to a world where everyday items become powerful defenders against germs. The natural way to remove germs. In our busy lives, keeping our surroundings clean and safe is more important than ever. But what if we told you that nature provides simple solutions? Imagine lemons and essential oils transforming into guardians of your health.
Applying a fabric protector to your furniture is a good investment
Why Clean And Protect Your Home or Office Upholstery
After investing time and money into cleaning your upholstery fabric. It's really important to protect your upholstery. Doing so keeps it looking good, makes it last longer, and saves you from future problems. Upholstery deals with a lot - dirt, spills, pet hair, body oils, and more.
Hydrophobic coating on carpets repels soil, too
How we Protect Carpet Fibers After Cleaning
In the realm of carpet protection, our approach goes beyond traditional methods. We employ state-of-the-art hydrophobic coatings. They're designed to transform your carpets into formidable barriers against spills and stains. Think of these coatings like magic shields. They cover your carpet and keep it safe from all kinds of spills and stains.
traffic lanes in carpets are a sign of an underlying problem.
How We Remove Traffic Lanes from Carpets
Foot traffic can really take a toll on carpets. You know those worn-out paths that form over time? They make your carpet look old and tired. These paths usually pop up in busy areas like hallways and living rooms because of all the constant movement.
Smoker's soot permeates carpets
The Why’s & How’s to Removing Smoker’s Soot
Carpets attract soot easily. Regular vacuuming helps, but sometimes professional cleaning is needed, especially for deeply embedded particles. Schedule professional carpet cleaning to remove stubborn stains and smells, making your home cleaner and fresher.
Pet accidents happen and require immediate attention
How We Remove Pet Urine Stain & Odor
Pet urine stains and odors are a big hassle for pet owners. Whether you have a dog or a cat, accidents can create a mess that's hard to deal with. Not only do these stains look bad, but they also make your home smell really bad. The tricky part is that these stains and smells can be sneaky. Pets might pee in hidden spots like corners or under furniture, making it hard to spot the problem right away.
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